Carb flu, obviously… since I am now a nutritionist

I am self diagnosing. But it seems to fit. Vanessa suggested I look it up. I did sustain life on dairy and sugar, carbs and carbs, so to stop grains and dairy as well as sugar all at once, it makes sense I am experiencing withdrawal. Sugar is in everything, and highly addictive. I am addicted. Went to Davids tea today after a stellar snow shoe, did I NEED tea? Nope. But I bought this spiced fig that OMG, I could eat it out of the package. Cranberries, almonds, dates, cloves and figs. I am in love, I may be going back tomorrow for a tin because the 54g in this precious little bag, will not last. I am chilling in my kitchen right now, Turkey leg in the oven, shallot, roasted garlic, fennel and green apple. I have a pot of veggie ends simmering on the stove top, once Dinner is done, I’m going to add the turkey bones. Bone broth is supposed to help carb flu. I’m about to sauté my brussel sprouts with bacon and once my turkey leg is out I’ll pop in the carrot gingerbread muffins I’m baking. I have loaded up on frozen berries to make coconut milk shakes, I add a banana, berries or crushed pineapple, coconut milk, and flax/hemp/chia. I then eat a couple eggs with spinach and avocado, sometimes some leftovers, I added some curried chicken this morning, it was amazing. I do need to better plan so I’m not eating the same thing all week. The carb flu varies from person to person, but generally, around day 10, and lasts 2 days-2 weeks. Symptoms include fatigue, excessive hunger, headache, phlegm, nausea, sleepiness, upset stomach, brain fog. From what I read, it is your body trying to adjust to metabolizing differently. The process of turning fat into energy is more complex than sugar to energy. So this, although less than ideal is a good thing. I’ll post my food porn when It’s all plated and put together.

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