Motivation ZERO. I say it like it’s a bad thing.

I am cold, and tired. I want to snuggle into my bed under my electric blanket and watch breaking bad until I fall asleep. I haven’t been to the gym in a week, I haven’t blogged in over a week, there is a mountain of clean but not folded laundry sitting at my house, a stack of partially read or un read books, and I’m hungry. I should also phone my mother.
I have been busy, eating Paleo does take more prep time, and I have been paleo baking like crazy.





Yesterday, I got home from work, and washed my laundry, while baking and watching breaking bad. I have been motivated, going to the gym a handful of times last week and the week before, shopping cooking and eating. I have spent time with Caramel Latte which is always amazing. We have cooked duck, lamb, prime rib, he made a buttery fish soup, coconut seafood chowder, we tried crocodile tail for the first time, with pineapple avocado salsa and grilled zucchini. We went across to washington state for a day, and went exploring, taking pictures above the cloud line. Some amazing photos of the hoar frost.


Our time together is fun, and smart, I like him.
I successfully survived blue monday, and my overall mood and outlook is good, I am just excessively un motivated. I lost my gym partner, which makes the gym lacklustre at best. Being infatuated with Breaking bad hasn’t helped either, the last couple days sitting in my office at work I played episodes instead of listening to the CBC. I know I need to be compassionate with myself, but it’s a go to to berate myself for all the “should-be’s” Should be at work earlier, should fold my laundry, and vacuum, should go to the gym and spend an hour, should be blogging these incredible recipes, should be…. should be… should be…
Instead I’m going to blog a shorty while I almost enjoy this almond milk matcha green tea latte, and then phone my parents while I cook dinner, and retire to my bed to spend quality time with my electric blanket and netflicks on my ipad. I know why I didn’t have it on here before. A couple musings before I go, grocery shopping has become a task, having to read everything, sugar is saturating our food and beverages. CRAZY. It’s like a super villain lurking in EVERYTHING. I have decided I do not like almond milk (hence the almost enjoy for my latte). If you despised coconut, paleo eating would be extra challenging. You can make caramel cheesecake tasting items without dairy, grains or sugar. Mind blowing. I took some to work today to share, my staff were mind blown as well. Mind BJ’s for everyone. The gym, and dating and laundry will all be there tomorrow, right now Hank and Jesse need my time and attention. Later peeps.

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