Just a few days to go

I still want cheese. Every time I try to go to bed early with the plan to get up early and go to work, I sleep like crap. But I did wise up and pack enough food to make it to the gym after work. I choked down a “wholly noggin” whole food, raw and Paleo friendly snack bar, although not the worst thing I’ve had in my mouth, not the best. I have been asked a few times “what do you eat?” It’s a valid question if you are like most people, like I was, grains, dairy and sugar made up most of my diet. Or if you are vegetarian, beans and legumes. Something cut out on the Paleo plan.

So, what I ate today (keeping in mind this is a little more than the rest of the month, because I’m a slow learner apparently, taking 27 days to wise up)
-100g of dried banana, pineapple and mango while I packed my lunch, and so I don’t throw up my multivitamin.
-magic bullet cup with approx 1/2c pumpkin puree (leftover from muffins), 1/2c coconut milk, splash of almond/coconut milk to thin it out, a hunk of fresh ginger and a dump of cinnamon when I get to work I add ice and blend, as I have a bullet base in my office.
-2 eggs, a piece of bacon cut into bits, leftover diced tomato and green onions, a teaspoon of butter, mixed up in a glass container and baked in the toaster oven at work 10 min. Soufflé style (would be better with cheese) I took half an avocado to eat with my eggs and forgot. Avocado is patiently awaiting my return tomorrow, and I’m going to eat it.
-1 large banana,
-pork loin cooked in green coconut curry, and 1/2 cup apple sauce
-2 caveman treat paleo cookies (found them at homesense)
-caracara orange cut into sections, I also eyed up the blood orange on my shelf, as my throat is a little sore today, and just now realized I forgot to eat it.
-a handful of banana chips I found while searching for an Advil for my co-worker, I love finding office food.
-Green mint tea with a touch of honey, again, sore throat
-wholly noggin paleo almond cranberry bar. I hated it, but made it to the gym. Win.
-pepperoni mini links-6 carefully read to be sure no sugar, corn, soy or other grains had snuck in
-2 larges slices of tomato, 2 dill pickles and a couple mouthfuls red thai salmon stir-fry (so delicious even cold)while I packed my lunch/dinner made dinner for tonight.
-large chicken breast stuffed with Paleo stuffing and wrapped in bacon, brussel sprouts with butter and pepper
– I plan on cooking some dates with ghee, or making green apple coconut bites but may just eat an orange while watching breaking bad in bed. I hate Walter White. Hate him. But, I have to keep watching.

Because I have a movie date tomorrow I need to pack extra food, and have made 2 lettuce wrapped burgers, a shake, eggs, thai stir fry, and will take a chicken breast with brussel sprouts in addition to a banana, apple, and orange. I plan on smuggling in some apple chips and pepperoni mini links to snack on during the movie. I am a wild and crazy gal. We are going to see “Wolf of Wall Street” So a snack for 3 hours movie is a necessity.




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