Taboo, and glorious cheese

I did it. I lasted 30 days without cheese. It was touch and go a few days. I didn’t miss bread. I did crave rice one day, and of course the drastic cut in sugar was hard. I lost just a couple pounds, an inch off my waist, and overall felt more svelte. Considering I made the gym maybe a half a dozen times all month, I think I did okay. It did take more time to prep stuff, and the money saved from missing starbucks went right into my grocery bill. I just wish I had more energy. It may be time to seek the help of my naturopath, because after sleeping 8.5 hours last night, and eating paleo today, I am tired, exhausted really. I ate, A banana, dried pears (that look like female sex organs), plain greek yogurt with raw honey, hemp seeds, and frozen blackberries. Paleo turkey pepperoni, 24oz of mulberry tea, and then I ate the berries. A spinach salad with egg, almonds, carrots and cabbage, and half an avocado, but I could get into bed, watch a little TV and fall asleep. Maybe it’s because of the cold. Caramel latte is going to continue eating paleo this month, lacto-paleo (so cheese and some dairy) and I will join him. I won’t be as crazy strict, but I will keep with the no sugar, no grains. I was considering doing a 21 day sugar detox in march, and that will be easier if I stick to the paleo plan.
I spent last weekend in vancouver, it was a great time, Caramel Latte and I stayed at Karmas apartment, he had bought tickets for Taboo, the sex show. Spending a weekend away with someone, sometimes can be… well… disaster. Although we do already spend quite a lot of time together in stretches, this could have gone wrong. It was wonderful, we had a great time, laughing, taking transit to get around, I really like that he is adventurous and personable. We strolled the farmers market (cheese samples, yum!), took the sky train down town, perused China town (it was Chinese New Years) Spent over an hour looking at exotic spices and ingredients in the bulk food store (I like that he is a foodie), Ate sushi, mongolian, burgers, A&W and a variety of other non paleo type foods. We drank wine, took the bus to visit the lovely Micah & Brooke for Super Bowl, we chatted, and pointed out scenery to one another, I enjoy his company.
The sex show was informative, so many amazing products out there, waterproof blanket, flashing, buzzing toys, pillows, creams, gels, photographers, props, you name it. A little overwhelming. They had performers, and hands-on exhibits. We attended 3 seminars, one on the g-spot and gushing, hand/blow jobs, the other on anal sex. For the anal sex talk (Playboys Dr Jess) We found seat beside each other, but there was a man that was RANK sitting beside Caramel. He couldn’t take it, so I suggested we sit separately and make friends. I found a spot near the front, a mid 20’s group of friends on my right, a trio of mid 40’s ladies on my left. We chatted for a bit, the ladies had been on thursday night as well. Dr Jess asked for a volunteer from the audience to demonstrate positions. I’m not shy, I put my hand up, thinking there would be other people volunteering. Nope. Just me. Hahaha, Dr Jess found another girl to volunteer and we went to work, with our purple dildo demonstrating anal sex positions on a table on the stage. We were awkward, but enthusiastic, and managed some laughs from the crowd. One position required me to squat over the dildo, and I came down a little hard on it, managed to goose myself pretty good.
After the sex show, we had Mexican and watched drunk people wandering down Cordova St. I liked that we could chat, or just people watch, every moment didn’t have to be filled with conversation, we spent an hour drinking a giant margarita and then went for a late night float. 90 min in a sensory deprivation chamber.
Initially, I found it uncomfortable. I had to consciously control my breathing, it took effort to push out the anxiety being in a epsom salt water filled coffin. I somehow ended up with salt water in my nose, and it burned, any skin break or scratch also burned, I was worried about my lash extensions, the humidity is bad for them, How long had I been in there? Why weren’t my fingers getting a pruned? How much longer? I wish I had brought a tooth brush to brush before my float, the water was just a touch too cold, what would I do if I had to pee? I hated it. But I breathed thru, and eventually relaxed, even fell asleep. Post float I felt alert, calm, and relaxed. Not sure I benefitted from more than 20 min of meditation, but not bad for a first time. I recommend if you try it, do it a few times before you decide.




The way home was gorgeous, we had a sushi picnic and watched the sunset over fresh snow covered trees, gorgeous. I need to go eat something, and then bed early tonight…

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