super star

I had a very NON paleo latte today. A tall, with just a single pump of syrup. But not paleo. The girl at Starbucks shouted at me. “OH! ITS YOUUUUUU! I MISSED YOU…WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN???????? I felt like a rockstar. Otherwise I ate well, greek yogurt with blueberries and hemp, a banana, 2 hard boiled eggs, a giant slice of paleo lasagna (which is heaven with a little added CHEESE). I ate a mango, did some work and cooked/baked all afternoon. I need to find someone willing to pay me to cook all day, in my PJ’s. Today I made bacon wrapped scallops, faux-tatoes (mashed caulifower), goat cheese, spinach and basil salad, rosemary honey chicken thighs for tomorrow. baked acorn to make lemon poppyseed muffins, paleo nut butter (haha) brownies, hummingbird bread. We are having BBQ’e Yak (yep thats right, yak) with the salad, sauteed garlic mushrooms, faux-tatoes. I went and filled the propane tank for the BBQ, another thing that made me feel like a superstar. In my hot pants and pink heels, It’s flattering/ irritating to be treated like you are helpless. Anyways, off to do more cooking…





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