I woke up this morning at 7 am. The sun was shining and I was HUNGRY. The entire sunday was laid before me, a veritable buffet of potential. What would I do? Laundry? Run? Gym? Go buy a new pair of practical yet sexy shoes to wear in vancouver for wine fest? Perhaps I would create that fore mentioned kick ass play list, get together papers for tax purposes, or start some paleo baking? I have mini stacks of things I need to mail to loved ones. I could go take some pictures, I repurposed a bike bag into a kick ass camera case so carting around my camera is more convenient. I could drink tea. My car is in desperate need of a vac and wash. I need a new vest and pencil skirt, and mixing bowls, unrelated. I could have cleaned my bathroom and checked on R’s cats. Instead I have been in bed, watching californication. Nearly 3 PM and I have showered, and stripped my bed, ate leftover spinach salad and a banana. I’m feeling like I wasted my day. My self loathing is creeping in, of course it could be the Hank Moody being channeled. 4 more episodes and I am caught up for the last season airing in april. I feel like I’m more ambitious than this. What the heck. More motivated than californication all day. I was wrong.


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