Cinnamon Brioche

I have never had one. Starbucks created these swirling gluten and sugar laden concoctions post paleo challenge. I bet they are disgusting, really, awful to put in your mouth, but after the gym, (an uneventful 45 min reading on a bike, and an obvious creepy guy staring at my ass for 4 min, I mean really, that pane of glass in front of me serves as a pretty good mirror, I wish I could have conjured up a resounding fart to scare him off), I want one. I want a whopper, it’s wednesday, and then I want a sugar filled whipped cream covered latte. My cheat weekend left me with a mini break out, and my stomach and entire digestive tract would likely protest, but the heart wants. I struggle this week hormonally. Well I hope it’s hormonal, and I’m not just losing my marbles. I wanted to cry on my way to work, and I did well up over lunch, I saw Goldylocks for lunch and he was telling me how wonderful I was… the jerk… hahaha. Why does that make me cry? I want to get into bed with my fuzzy brown electric blanket and hide. I feel unattractive, and I want to quit all of my interpersonal relationships. I will not. I did work a full 8 hours today and hit the gym, For lunch today I had a burger with no bun and a salad with no dressing, it’s not outrageously difficult to eat paleo-ish. I am now baking some non paleo banana bread for my coworkers. Why non paleo? I’m out of maple syrup and I don’t have enough eggs, and when I’m feeling a little low, I like to bake. So here I am baking. And dreaming of cinnamon brioche.


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