Cake was a BAD idea

I am up early today to head down to vanvouver for an action packed weekend, so outrageously excited, wine tasting today and tomorrow, a party with the lovely Mr & Mrs Dew, and then the Heritage classic game (outdoor NHL). Caramel Latte is coming with, so it will be a good time.
Last night I went to a birthday party, wings, and I had a few Nachos with Karma’s Hubby. And then Finished off with some cake. My poor pancreas. 2 months of occasional sugar, but drastically reduced, no grains, no corn, no lentils, and I had all of those in one night. I feel gross. I figured for sure I would wake up with Diabetes, that in the night my pancreas would say F-YOU. I QUIT. It still might. I was doing crunchies on the floor, drinking water while watching criminal minds to try to bring my blood sugar down. (thanks for the tip Cherise). It was an impressive cake, banana cake, with peanut butter cream icing, chocolate and bacon shaving on top.

It took me a while to eat it, as it was soooooo sweet. I was sitting beside Mr. “put that whole thing in your mouth” but I seriously couldn’t do it. I had sugar shivers. I can now say things like “oh I can’t, it’s too sweet” Or say no to candy, because it grosses me out. Insanity when you consider my draw to caramel, sugar ladden lattes, the fact I sustained life on sugar and caffeine for stretches of my young adult life. And now the thought makes my teeth hurt. I wont even tell you about my bathroom time post wheat, and beans, and sugar, hahah, there simply isn’t enough time.
So a paleo break this weekend while we dine, drink wine, and of course have a couple beer at the hockey game, but I can still make better choices.


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