I am old

It has dawned on me this last couple weeks. Holy Shit. I’m 34. Well into my third decade. What am I going to be when I grow up? Will I have kids? Will I get married? Will I ever feel my age? I’m starting to look my age. Smile lines, stretch marks, and with my thyroid malfunction, or the weightloss, maybe a little of both, I have a crepe type texture to my skin. My back up chin will only make cameo appearances when photos are taken, (jerk back up chin). There have been a few facebook pic posted of ladies with no makeup. I rock that look, unbrushed hair as well. I did a little pic stitch before and after so you can see the difference

I need to do something with my old man eyebrows. Hahaha. And I am kind of cheating as I have eyelash extensions, and they stay on all the time. but the photo on the left is fresh showered and nothing but a towel has touched hair and face, the right is LOTS of eye make up and a straightener. I have never been able to wear foundation, it feels funny, and covers my freckles. Maybe it’s something I should look into. It’s interesting looking at picture of yourself, I have been making an effort to pick out the things I like instead of the things I don’t. A MUCH more difficult exercise. I am still not feeling the gym, tired most of the time, and been apathetic in goal setting. Also, not to make excuses, of the last 14 days, 7 were spent in Vancouver, 1.5 were in vernon. And yesterday I slept for 14 hours to kill a hangover and general feeling of ill. Maybe this non Paleo diet is contributing to my general ill, and of course all the booze doesn’t really help. But man have I had fun! Vernon last weekend was a night out with Cherise, we went to a Bollywood bash fundraiser. Sari’s and henna, and gorgeous brown men dancing, and lots of vodka. We stayed till the DJ stopped and the house lights came on. What a great time, I really have a thing for those caramel men! Nearly had a melt down from sensory overload, and went home smelling like guys cologne, I like that there were lots of guys on the dance floor. Every once in a while I catch my henna tattoo and think there is dirt on my hand.
I need to get some house work done, and food prep, my cousin is coming over for dinner and to do my hair, and I’m going to make some non paleo stout and bailey chocolate cupcakes. Pictures to follow!

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