I shaved for this??

I am not the biggest country music fan. But today all I could think of was this song

I have been working on moving this week, lugging all of my many possessions down from my third floor walk up. I have spent the last 2 weeks living amidst boxes, and packing a little each day, non essential items, like candles, and summer clothes and razors.

My poor body is battered and bruised, from banging against boxes. But everything is moved now, and mostly cleaned.

I was tinder-ing amongst the boxes of my belongings and matched with a guy I was SO excited about. Tall and dark, great smile, nice biceps, a little bit of beard. We chatted on tinder a bit, and I gave him my number so he could call. We chatted on the phone for well over an hour. I liked him, the only problem, I was crazy busy for the next 2 weeks and he was working away. We texted a couple times per day and arranged a time and place to finally meet today. I was going to devour this man. Like chew him up and swallow him whole. At least I would if he was lucky.

The last few days he was busy with meetings and I have been working on unpacking. I didn’t realistically have the time to drive to meet him or spend the time on a date, but I made the time. I woke up early and dug thru boxes to find date appropriate clothes, a push up bra, make up and a razor.

I’m not a hairy person, unless you were up close you wouldn’t have known that I have been growing my armpit hair. And well, all of it. Funny enough I didn’t bother to shave for my last date. I wasn’t nearly as excited as this one.

I blew dried my hair, and put on some makeup. I am totally in love the the ultimate nudes eye shadow pallet. I was feeling sexy, a little nervous, and suuuuper excited. There was a pretty good chance I would make out with this guy if we had the same chemistry in person as we did via text.

He showed up while I was drinking mint tea and learning about the Keto diet. He seemed really anxious, nervous and looked around the place like he was praying there was no one he knew in there. Shit… another girlfriend tinder dupe? Or maybe a wife this time? He claimed it was the coffee he had on the drive and that he was nervous about meeting me. He told me I was stunning and it was great to meet me. I gave him a hug and we sat down. I took a sip of my tea and he asked if we could “get out of there”. Whoa. Doesn’t even buy me a tea. We had been chatting and texting for 2 weeks, but he hadn’t yet made eye contact.

I smiled, and asked him what the rush was. He had mentioned his love language was touch in our texts, so I placed my hand on his forearm across the table. He relaxed a little, but was still itching to get out of there, I’m not sure where we would go? Maybe he HATES the smell of starbucks? I’m not sure. I told him his energy was making me anxious, and I wasn’t comfortable going anywhere with him. I asked a few questions, he told me a few things, we exchanged information, he slowly relaxed. He needed to drop off some important documents in his car, and would I meet him after he dropped them off? I said that was fine, I would meet him and a restaurant.

The entire time his phone was blowing up, texts and a call, and he ignored all of them. We made a plan and he left. I stayed to update Cherise and R as to what was happening, and 12 minutes later he called me to tell me something had come up and he wouldn’t have time to hang out, but we could have a quickie before he went off to work.

Well swoon. What girl could resist such chivalry and romance? I told him the sudden change of plans paired with his nervous energy had left me irritated and I would not be meeting him. Not for a quickie. Not for anything. I was thinking he should go f*@k himself, but I didn’t say it.

I messaged R and asked if she wanted to meet me for a drink and I headed home. 2 weeks invested. I asked so many questions with this one, I vigorously screened. The silver lining on this, I had 2 weeks of sweet texts, and another blog post in as many weeks. I spoil you guys. 🙂

One thought on “I shaved for this??

  1. Devi says:

    His loss. What a weirdo.

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