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I was cock blocked by a forrest fire. Twice.

HI! OMG! have you missed me? It’s been months, 4 months. So insane how time has flown. I wish I could say I have sooooooo many amazing stories to tell you. But sadly, that would be a lie. Why have I neglected you? Well, I started a second blog, have you seen it? It’s worth a glance, some great recipes and a couple stories, but not nearly as salacious as this one. It’s also not all about me. Lame. hahah. www.theprimaldesire.com
The second blog has been time consuming as we try to get it up and running and making some money, I hope.
Then I took on a second store. It’ll be no problem I thought, I already have a store, “it won’t be much extra work” I said. “It will make the store less busy” I said. I was wrong, a good problem to have but I did way more volume and put in way more hours. So there you have it, I worked like a maniac from may until september. 3 full-time-ish jobs. I am ready for a break down. A recent visit to my naturopath and she requested, no demanded I take some time for myself. Here I am. Writing for you, that is my “me” time.
With so much on my work plate, I haven’t been on many dates thru the summer. I texted and tindered some, but didn’t do anything remarkable.
Met a guy from Tinder (who reminded me of Vanessa’s ex), who told me women ruined tinder by turning it into a dating site, it was for hook ups. haha. Yeah. And…No.
I boy from POF contacted me after the fail of his relationship. Oh, great, back up plan. My dreams come true.
I went on a date with a banker from tinder, and we talked business. At least he told me I was pretty. Not sure why they seem surprised by this, i have recent pictures up.
I saw a guy on tinder in may that was interesting, not my usual type, tall athletic, great teeth, yes, but BLONDE! I know, crazy right??! We chatted for a couple months on tinder and I gave him my phone number. But I never heard from him. I didn’t even notice. Terrible. I was at the bar people watching with R; and this dude, make a line for our table. He starts chatting, and I recognize him. THIS is the guy from tinder who I gave my number to MONTHS ago. Is it? He is telling us about himself and the details match up. It’s him. He doesn’t recognize me? He doesn’t seem to. We flirt, we dance, I leave early. I knew I could message him online so I was being a bit of a jerk. Say goodbye without a phone number exchange, a high 5, half hug and I was out the door. I messaged him on the walk home at R’s urging. “he’s CUTE!” and hello abs for days, which I found during the half hug. But.. he is maybe dumb? I mean to not recognize me? To be fair not everyone remembers details like I do, so I message him. Did he know I was this girl from the bar tonight? He said “you looked familiar” but no, he did not realize I was one in the same. I said “well you have my number, maybe we should make out”. I am smooth. He texted me! Hurray… or something, the King told me “fuck that guy, THAT guy is dumb”. Maybe, but that guy is the first decent prospect I have had in months. And I want to touch his abs. With my face.
We text a bit, but I am out of town, so we find a day to meet up. He messages me to see if we can meet a little later and I blow him off, (not literally) Probably not going to work for me, I’m only giving this guy a small window of opportunity, regardless of his rippling 8 pack. He manages to make it work on my terms and we watch a movie. He has a 19 inch tube TV. Old school, nice! we watch “Un-hung hero” on Net flicks. A “cock-u-mentry” about a guy with a small penis. Well, we have a winning first date movie. He was sweet, rubbed my feet, we chatted a bit. He isn’t dumb, just a little obtuse maybe. The more we chat the more I feel like I should hook him up with my Ex. They have a lot in common. A true bro-mance could blossom between these two. It made me comfortable too, because then we had a lot to chat about. Not really dating material, but neither am I, (for reasons I’ll get into on another post). But I like him. I like him enough to see him again maybe.
Then I don’t hear from him for a few days. I wasn’t sure if I even liked him less than a week ago, why the heck would I feel shitty if he didn’t call? Maybe because I am spoiled by instant gratification, by boys who call, and text, and like me, dammit. Maybe because although I am working on it, I seek external reassurance that I’m pretty or smart, or sweet or whatever I need to feel about myself. That external assurance is fleeting and fickle, but the honest truth is I still seek it. I have not yet attained self love perfection. Yet.
I break down and message him. I’m cooking for the website and need a taster. Did he want to come have dinner? I got a resounding, yes. Enticing a man with food really works! We have a lovely dinner, drinking sangria on the patio on one of the last warm summer nights. He is easy to talk to, again he seems initially a lot like my ex, good or bad I haven’t yet decided. We watch another movie, “Bad words” (funny, highly recommended) and it’s a decent date. Now for the downside. At the end of september his work contract is up, and he is going back to Vancouver. He will become Geographically Un-Desirable, (GUD). Well shit. Maybe I will see him a couple times in the next month. We text a bit here and there, but nothing amazing, he volunteers as a taster whenever I need one, and we plan for a dinner date the following week. Maybe I can convince him to eat shirtless. I mean I should get SOMETHING out of the deal… maybe we will make out! I don’t even know yet. A few hours before dinner he messages me, he was called out for a fire (forestry firefighter). Booo. Cock blocked by a forest fire. Fine. Whatever. We made plans for later in the week the next week, and then he was deployed north for another forest fire. 2 weeks. Which pretty much takes us to the end of the month. And to his GUD status. Cock blocked twice. By burning trees. Perfect. But hey, everything happens for a reason… right?
I am going to hold onto: getting hit on at the bar, and having a few interesting conversations, 2 great foot rubs, and 2 movies watched. Overall a positive experience. Now to find some time in my schedule to go on a few dates…

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Our new baby

OMG my blog partners post today about our new website is AMAZING. Check it out and read about my continuing adventures there!

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Over 100 different apps

Okay, the list of choices are endless. You HIV positive? There’s a dating app for you. Gay, straight, bi, tri, old, young, jewish, christian, black, asian, wasp, in a specific city, there is likely a specially tailored dating app for you. In the last couple weeks I have expanded outside of the POF to a Tinder, the 22 year old told me about it, but it wasn’t until the cute guy from the gym said something I looked into it. It’s linked to your Facebook, shows 1-5 pictures, any mutual friends or interests. You can set your parameters for age and geographical location. After that, load up your own pictures, and let the magic happen. You simply check a box, X for nope, ❤ for yes. If the other person also clicks a <3, bingo bango you have a match, and you can,at this point send messages. If one of you X’s they are gone forever.

Basically it is like playing a game. Or, I akin it to picking up in a bar, but from the comfort of your Onesie at home. You are judging and making decisions based entirely on a photograph. Not that POF is miles deeper…
There are a few instances where similar friends will discourage me from clicking the heart. Terrible? Maybe. It’s all judging, but may prompt me to clean up my facebook friend list.

I have seen 3 different guys that I have been on a date with on there, nice guy, caramel latte, and snap chat. I liked caramel latte as we had talked about it, but the other two I x-ed. Why wouldn’t I just text them instead of chatting on an app? The down side of course is it seems to be more of a hook-up feel. As well there are only a certain number of people in town on the app… so… lots of matches to start, petering out. Caramel latte said that my match was the first one he had in months. Like POF, the more you play the more matches you’ll get. If you have x’ed or ❤ all of the users in your area, it pops up with a little message. Not exactly but something like, "you have exhausted all of your resources" That is a sad thought…

Another App I perused with Karma last week was LULU. I was made aware of the app by one of my dates, the unicorn e-mailed me with horror. Another link to facebook app, where women can rate their dates anonymously. There are a series of questions and a secret algorithm to come up with a number out of 10. No one I knew had been rated. As a man, you can request to be removed, you can add your own #'s and the good old, throw the curve by getting girl friends to rate you. As a viewer you can also chime in if you think the girl who reviewed is spot on, or out to lunch. It's the kind of petty "slam book" type activities girls have been doing to each other since the dawn of modern society. Now we can do it to men! Hello progress!! It was designed to give women power in the dating scene, a man behaves badly and he can be punished, not just by you, but thousands of other women too. It does have a role, I'm sure it could deter some creep behaviour, just like any means of accountability usually does. Unfortunately the emotional and mental maturity/health of either party is not assessed in the hash-tagging process.

It's all very interesting, the degradation of society? You don't even have to go to a bar to hook up? Or bad mouth a bad date, you can do it anonymously, in your PJ's while watching TV. Or while blogging at Starbys.

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Snap Chat, the date.

I went on a date with snapchat, He alternated between sending me pictures of himself and texting me, sent me a picture of a book we had chatted about, and of course a couple hand drawn hearts. Aweeee… Surprisingly, I did not get a single picture of his junk as I thought I would.
We met up for a drink monday night. He is cute. Not terribly tall, but dark, dimples, a days beard growth, great teeth, a resting bicep line peeking out of the sleeve of his t-shirt. Beautiful man. Fairly mature for his age? Conversational at least. Smart, not outrageously funny, but could have just been the awkward first meet. He is a Nurse, coaches sports. Unfortunately, he is 27, still lives with his parents. I’m just jealous my parents encouraged me to move out. He claims his asked him to move home. Apparently they are away often, so it works for them to have him live at home. We chatted, knew a couple of the same people, it was an entertaining way to spend a couple hours, and he was easy to look at. He assured me, I wasn’t too old for him, just a little more experienced. Only a couple years really. As I was leaving he gave me a kiss, a hold the back of my head at the nape of my neck kiss, a windy afternoon movie type kiss. I was impressed by his boldness. Then amazed that such a blatant disregard for my personal space wasn’t irritating. Maybe because he was so pretty. He pressed his chest against mine, like in a paperback romance novel, and I think I felt his 6pack abs under his T-shirt and open jacket. What do you say after that? Nice to meet you? The only thing I could think of was “call me maybe” And his reply was “maybe?” I laughed and got into my car.
I didn’t hear from him right after the date, or the next morning, I am totally spoiled by immediate date validations. I told one of my fave reps I didn’t think I would hear from him. He wanted to bet me that I would. That’s a good friend! I didn’t make that bet and it’s a good thing, as snap chat sent me a text a few hours later claiming the night was “awesome”. Validation! Even if I don’t see him again, it is comforting to have a beautiful young man tell you your company is awesome. Maybe he will snap chat me a pic of those abs…

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caramel latte

I am venturing out of my normal in honour of my date last tuesday. Caramel Latte at Starbucks. It is warm, smooth, and sweet just like my date was, it also might keep me up most of the night. However this caramel latte probably isn’t going to cook me a paleo/Thai Dinner, rub my feet, twirl my hair and make me laugh. I mean, it might, but I’m not holding my breath. Oh, and smart, my date tuesday was smart, this caramel latte hasn’t read much.
Caramel latte (the man) met me on friday but was late. He texted all weekend and asked if we could reschedule for monday, I agreed, and then changed my mind. Monday I took a personal day. How about tuesday? I was stalling. Thinking maybe he would lose interest. I mean don’t get me wrong, very cute. Tall dark and handsome, personable, sparkling smile but I was convinced he just wanted to bang. What had me convinced? The sexually charged texts. Previous experiences. The dick pic I got this week although not from him made me feel objectified.
He was not deterred. Tuesday, he would come to penticton where he lives (is just staying with a friend in kelowna) and cook me dinner. Technically a second date. I referred to it as a Tryst. he said he would go look up what that meant and get back to me. I’ll wait while you do the same…
It was my turn to be late, I wanted to wear a dress, but decided jeans, would be smarter. I had to text Cherise his first and last name, and address. She asked if I had seen his ID. How old was he? He is 33, we are golden, and she said “Oooooh la la, Leave your clothes on.”
I replied “Rodger that, Wait, all of them? Or just pants?”
“All of them!”
He was barefoot in the kitchen listening to radiohead, cooking. He beamed as me as I poked my head thru the door. He said “perfect you are here in time for wine”. He was drinking a Viognier from Silk scarf, great wine, sells out every year. After a hug He pours me a glass and asks me what shoes I decided on for tonights date. We have had a few conversations about our mutual love of sexy shoes. The first room as you come in is a galley kitchen, his fridge is covered in words, sexy/funny phrases are pieced together on the freezer, the fridge is covered in greeting cards. I love greeting cards. Sending and getting real mail. I’m already impressed. There is a kitchen table against the wall covered in more cards, pictures, books, a shoe box. On the wall behind the table numerous framed family pictures. One especially sweet one of him, huge grin holding a fresh baby, his nephew. Man holding a baby, on the wall. This man, who is making me dinner and drinking a great wine, and obviously shares my love of both greeting cards, and family… Awe… Cherise told me to keep all of my clothes on. It may be more difficult than I first imagined.
His kitchen is impressive, not in fancy appliances or size, but it is stocked with all my favourite things, lots of whole and healthy food. He asks if I want a water, which he serves me in a martini shaker, awesome. Hope it’s okay he drinks his water room temperature? Yes, me too. Perfect.
His place is comfortable, clean, Some great art on the walls, a couple large framed mirrors. It could have been decorated by me. There isn’t anything in the room I don’t like. We chat a bit. We have been texting for 2 weeks, and I quite enjoy him, he is funny, thoughtful, smart. I’m hoping he is those things face to face. I wasn’t disappointed. I realized a couple nights before the date, he is off work because of a car accident/injury. But what did he do? He told me he was a pharmacist. I thought he was a “pharmacist” aka drug dealer. Haha, but only because he had a lot of leisure time. I certainly wouldn’t judge as I sell liquor and cigarettes. He really is a pharmacist, and the leisure time is rehab time. We chatted about the state of society, nutrition, depression, meds versus natural remedies. We have an appy, and he asks what my favourite type of elephant isle fruit wine is. I like the pear, and he goes into the other room and comes back with one. This man drinks great wine.
Honest truth, I saw his profile last fall when I was dating, thought he was cute, and interesting, but not looking for anything serious, and never contacted me, so we didn’t meet up. This time he messaged me, was impressed by my write up, or maybe it was just we shared a love of sexy shoes. We exchanged long messages online, until finally he asked for my phone number so he could send me a picture. The picture he sent was a children’s toy, that looked like a sex toy, inappropriate, terribly funny. We continued our conversation via text. Exchanged pictures, reciprocal, sexy but not lewd. When I sent him scenery or a dorky shot I was met with a witty retort.
He had been to the farmers market in summerland earlier that day to get some things for dinner. He was also eyeing up a wooden ring one of the vendors makes. I adore farmers markets, local, organic, fantastic. Dinner was savoury sautéed veggies, sweet spicy chicken and mixed greens. Fresh tomatoes, peppers, and hemp seed. The dressing was a homemade concoction of infused oils, of which he had a whole cupboard full. He had even stopped at an organic local bakery to pick up some bread for the salad. Quite a bit of planning and effort seemed to go into making me dinner. I was impressed. The salad was delicious, the only thing it seemed to be missing was avocado, then it could have held the title of best salad ever. Of course I wouldn’t dare say something like that out loud, just then he said “this is good, but it needs avocado”. Get out of my head. Haha, I responded with “I noticed, what are your serving me here??”
After dinner he showed me around his place, everything was tidy, decorative pillows, The spare room had a made bed, he had a couple different fruity foaming hand soaps in the washroom (flavours he said). I had to ask, did a girl live here? A wife I should know about? I live in girlfriend away for the week? Female roommate? He assured me none of the above. We discussed the benefit of having hand soap already foamed for you, just a time saver. I was so full I wanted to lay down, and take my pants off, but Cherise had warned me that it wasn’t the message I wanted to send. I was wearing underwear… no… pants on…
We laid on the floor chatting, he put on a live performance DVD from a local venue/artist that was great, folky. He pulled out a glossy book that he made from pictures taken on his life changing trip to thailand. We went thru page by page, him pointing out things and telling me anecdotes. Best cooking class, his favourite flower (this man has a fave flower), some asian girls crazy sexy shoes. He really does have a thing for sexy shoes. It was comfortable, fun, we laughed. He recommended this great website/app called TED talks, and we talked about some of the things he had listened to on there. This man gives me a mental erection. He makes my brain all engorged and throbby. I don’t think it was showing, my brain boner, that would have been embarrassing.
We made out a bit, clothes on like we were in high school while listening to radio head. Well not how I made out in high school, I ran away from boys, was a late bloomer, not physically, but in every other way. I waited, he did too. Interesting, we talked a bit about why. Finally decided good sense and reason dictated that I should go home, I had to work in the morning and at best would get 4 hours sleep. We had a marathon 8 hour date. And I had successfully kept my clothes on. I got a text when I got home 10 min or so after leaving. This is what I am used to, immediate validation. He had a great time, maybe we could do it again soon. I agreed it was fun.
The next day I got a good morning text, around noon when lucky him got to sleep until. Again saying what a good time he had. I agreed and said I was surprised because I thought he wanted soul-less banging. He said “so you were disappointed? Wait why would you think that?” I explained to him, why, and he said he wasn’t against the idea, but “had no regrets about the time we spent together. Fo sho (that means for sure) It was a blast”. Then he said “so I did read last night right, shocking”
Caramel Latte is not looking for a relationship, but after some careful consideration. Neither am I. I think this dating stuff is potentially fabulous and fun. I have made the mistake in the past of needless intensity. Ultimately I dove in with Goldylocks before I knew how deep the water was. I was exhausted, when I found someone I liked, I used him to take a break from the frenzy. I needed him to save me from myself. I didn’t have the tools or knowledge I have now. Doesn’t mean I will embark on a series on soul-less banging, or the year of the whore. I would ultimately like a relationship, a partner, but the right one, in good time. I refuse to rush into a relationship because of insecurity or an imagined need of one. And I will not dismiss spending time with men that I like because they checked a different box on their profile, or their geographical location. I get something out of these dates. Caramel Latte is one of my new favorites.

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nice guy ninja

I think 3 dates a week may be too many. I need to clean my bathroom, fold and put away last weeks laundry, wash this weeks laundry, catch up the blog on my amazing monday night date, vacuum, water my plants… they look sad, clean out my car, I still have an overnight bag and a box of jam (unrelated) from last weekend, I have to apply a facial mud mask, the thoughtful resting my chin in my hand while listening to my date talk has caused a break out, or the stress of dating maybe? I need to make a couple fairly large life decisions requiring some blog time and a list. And I still haven’t seen this weeks episode of SOA. Shit. And TV starts to get good again. Man… plus this work thing I am required to attend in exchange for a pay cheque and the gym to compensate for the beer/wine/coffee consumption. (and general good feelings, the gym keeps me sane.)
Tonights date has been especially patient waiting 2 weeks for an hour of my time. Not a big conversationalist, the majority of our correspondence has been 1-5 words. At most. In fact when I texted this guy, I called him the wrong name… I’m classy like that. I thought it was Tim… actually was Travis (not really I can’t tell you his real name without consent). I wasn’t particularly looking forward to tonight, I had made sure to only have an hour available. 3 dates in a week, in a row. Too much.
Travis was actually great. Better looking than his profile picture. Conversational in real life. I started in on the questions and conversation topics, he stopped me and requested I tell him more about me. He looked intently at me the entire time. Great guy. I liked him. Nice guy-came out of nowhere, sneaky ninja! Requested another hour of my time, maybe next week? I’m booking into thursday now… Makes me sound like an asshole. 4 minutes after our date he texted me to tell me I was beautiful, sweet, and an amazing person. Well shucks. He also told me that I was better looking in person than my profile pictures. That’s the second time in a week I have heard that. Maybe I need different pictures? Makes me a pretty girl ninja! I should change my headline. “Better looking in real life”

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back to back

I’m blogging out of order, I had a great date yesterday, but I wanted to have a little pity party after tonights main event.
I am tired, I stayed up late last night, after work I went for a run, showered and headed down to starbucks. I was chatting with one of my fave girls and didn’t have time to write last nights date. Chatting with her tonight was enlightening, she asked if I was on a date last week, yeah… she said it was funny because there was a definite lack of chemistry, (yep) She could tell by MY body language I wasn’t overly into him. Interesting… Anyways, she is all for me doing the majority of my dating there, maybe I’ll make them cards so they can rate the men, attractiveness, politeness, ability to order a half caf nonfat macchiato. She gave me her phone number tonight in case I need a drink after tomorrow nights date. Yes girl date, I got a girls phone number tonight.
My date tonight was cute, 41, looked it, relatively attractive, ex military on a disability pension. But… he was hard to talk to. Awkward. And reminded me mannerism wise of my brother. I could NEVER make out with this man. Never ever. And he kept looking past me, down the street. And he shrugged a lot. And 40 minutes felt like a long time. And why didn’t I just say no?
After that I went to my car. I drove directly to Burger King. It is whopper wednesday. I drove along eastside road to a dark and secluded area. I put on a great playlist, laid on my car, ate my whopper, sang along between bites and looked at tonights harvest moon and stars. I then drove the long way home, listening to my music way too loud. I felt better. 45 minute date with myself. And it was just how I like it.

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I am very aware of my age. I am nearly 34, and I embrace every year. I am who I am today because of the years of experiences. I think I look my age, early 30’s. I feel my age, I need to get enough sleep, and sunscreen and water. I can’t drink like a maniac or stay up all night. I have no regrets, I did more than my share, I have partied, danced in cages, stayed out late, been reckless, made a few bad decisions, skinny dipped, stolen road signs, come out of bars in the daylight, drove all night, mastered impromptu road trips, and crazy shenanigans.
For some reason, I attract the attention of bold young men. I get whistled at while running by a man in a car with a new driver sign on the back. I have men (boys) approach me in bars, want to buy me a drink. Men who are clearly too young for me. Is it the dim lights? The beer goggles? I have a hard time taking the compliment. I say things like “I could have been your babysitter” or,”I think I am friends with your mom…” or something similarly emasculating. Often I just smile and sneak away. I don’t want to feel like a pedophile. What would I have in common with a 25 year old man? Or even younger…?
But it continually happens, maybe young men are more bold? They have all those extra hormones coursing thru their veins they don’t have the same sense and reason of older men. Maybe they haven’t yet been knocked down and bruised by bad relationships. Maybe they are thinking with the toddler they keep in their pants and have a mother/teacher/babysitter fantasy. Maybe I don’t look my age?
After having a dismal week dating, I put on a pair of jeans, a tank top, and some black eye makeup. Cherise suggested I go out and flirt, and that was exactaly was I was going to do!! I got half way to my front door, and turned around to change, The tank top was just plain too much boob. There is my age showing thru… too much boob?? It’s like saying that skirt is TOOOOO short!! I went over to my GF place where we left my car. We walked to the first bar, and I flirted hard. I used to be good at this? Made eye contact and smiled. Kept an open posture leaning against the railing. Wildly entertained by the throngs of people walking past. A couple boys came over to chat, introducing themselves, we would chat a bit and move along. One bold man was going to come to the other bar with us, I hadn’t yet gotten his name, but I gave him my phone number. He was a local, sometimes a rare find in a tourist town, he was also tall and cute, really, what did I have to lose?
We left the first bar, walking just a couple blocks to the next bar. On the way my GF stopped to talk to a group of young guys, obviously in a wedding party. I just barely looked up, Guy #1 had already started texting. My GF knew one of the groups older sister, and he was supposed to stay at her house while he was in town. She was giving him a hard time and he looked at me and said “If your hot friend is going to be there, I will be too” or something to that effect, I was being rude texting guy #1. I looked at him, he was cute. 6″2, dark blonde curls, perfect teeth and icy blue eyes. But YOUNG. I smiled and said “awe…” and then walked away. I make good decisions… usually…
Inside bar #2 boy #1 was texting me to leave, go for a walk and talk. I am smarter than that… We did a couple laps, the people watching was fantastic. We came across the group of groomsmen, and guy #2 introduced me to his friends as his future ex girlfriend. I was still being rude and texting guy #1. I laughed and my GF suggested we keep walking, I took a couple steps and this bold man grabbed me by the waist and suggested we dance, okay… he took my waist and led me to the floor. He was REALLY into me… I liked that about him… we danced a couple songs and then some country came on. I don’t know how to two step. I can salsa, jive, polka, but no 2 stepping. I can’t even fake it. I said, I am no good at this… he said no, you aren’t, just relax and let me lead. Really? I was impressed.
I had to work early in the morning, and he suggested we leave, to talk, somewhere romantic. Oh my goodness…leave yes… he could walk me to my car and I would drive him back to his friends. He is holding my hand and looking at me like a passage out of a harlequin romance novel. I say to him, “You have no idea how old I am… How old are you?? God, I hope you are at least 25…” His reply, was “yeah, I’m 25.” “Well… I am almost 34, so you are still too young… I am flattered, but you are still too young…” He asked for my number, and I gave it to him, he was interesting, and feeding my ego, good or bad. My GF texted me a while later, I hadn’t said good bye, she asked If I had left with Boy #2, and my reply was seriously? He is 12… her reply was no… he’s 21. What?? I gave my number to a 21 year old??? Oh my goodness… I was horrified. Gave my number to him, annd let him put his tongue in my mouth. Well it turns out he is actually 22… not much better…
He texted me the next day, and we got together for Burger King, He is smart, and sweet, and surprisingly we had more than I thought we would to talk about. He did come clean admitting that he lied about his age. He is one heck of a catch for a girl a more appropriate age. But is that ageisim? Would I feel like a man 12 years my senior is too old? I think it would depend on the man… the other way… I don’t know… I think it’s too much. I don’t want to steal his youth. I asked him, “there weren’t any girls your own age you could have made out with?” His reply was “none as sexy as you.” Oh good grief…
I took him back to his truck, he could text me if he wanted girl advice… but that’s about it… his sister would KILL me… LOL. I actually could have been his baby sitter. He turns to me and says “Legit Babe, you don’t look a day over 25.” Legit? Babe? Okay now I see… Note to self… ask for ID.

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Cliffords’ second date, and a neon mustache party

There was a hiccup with paperwork on friday, So instead of being there all night doing inventory, I finished work early!!! Yipee, I went out with D, stayed out way too late, but had a great time with her. It means next week will be a little hectic… but I can handle it.

David the over thinker stopped by my work on friday night, and sent me a “where do you see this going” text saturday. A guy who wants to lock me down, this time after one date. Shit. I tried to be as kind as possible while being honest. Are there that many horrible people out there? I guess most people just want to be loved. I think people want someone to like them, perfectly normal! Of course I am a little gun-shy, and he has a whole lot of issues he needs to sort out.

I had arranged a brunch date with Clifford saturday, actually, he arranged the brunch date, he had won a group costume contest at the elite dressing up his hounds on halloween and had a GC to use. We had pretty good eggs benny and juice. The elite has been in Penticton since the 20’s and hasn’t had a reno since the 70’s. It’s a pretty cool place, shag, orange and brown, year round christmas lights, Elvis stuff all over, a hodgepodge of decor, dive sheik. We chatted for a little over 2 hours. He is so driven, working on getting a catering business up and running in the spring, he has already secured one possibly 2 places. He works 3 jobs to save money, his business plan sounds pretty solid. (3 jobs plus he volunteers his time teaching young mothers to cook). He is close to his family (sisters), lives next door to his Mom & Dad. Smart and ambitious. Passionate about what he does, the kind of chef I would kill to have If I was still running a pub or restaurant. He has a radio announcer voice, smooth and deep. I could listen to him talk for hours, and he does. I just have to close my eyes, that violently red hair… and kitchen boy face hair in a matching carrot hue. Ugh… I can’t do it. His insane work schedule doesn’t equate to many dates, I can handle being friends with him, yes new friend! A new friend that can cook like a hot damn.

After the date I went to the pawn shop, they converted a nightclub I guess there is more business in pawning, I bought 2 $2 DVD’s, Zoolander, and P.S. I love you. I’m gonna cry, that, and The notebook are kleenex soakers. I was going to write my date yesterday, but when I went to Starbucks all the outlet friendly tables were taken, and with no battery in either of my computers, I’m wall bound. I think I can afford a new computer, maybe a tablet soon, so then I can be creatively mobile. So I drank my tea and headed home, watched Zoolander and had a little nap. I packed a suitcase of awesome neon and 90’s clothes and headed over to T’s. I had more than enough to share, all 3 of us were decked out.

We went to a pub for a drink, had everyone staring, full neon and hot pants all around.  Then we started playing with a pack of stick on mustaches I found in my tickle trunk.  We were fairly intoxicated, but it was terribly fun!  We wandered over the club, where in addition to the neon 90’s and mustache party they played 90’s music.  Oh my, some way back jams, we danced hard all night.  My feet were killing me, the stiletto sneakers I’ve had since the 90’s aren’t super comfortable… silly drunk me forgot to put liners in them.

Some YOUNG man was lurking around the 3 of us.  Kept telling me how hot we all were.  He desperately tried to take one or all of us home with him, even going so far as taking my hand and leading me towards the door.  Oh, the brash confidence of a 22 year old…  I managed to use all my best lines on him, like “Oh honey, I could have been your babysitter” and the best, “You need to leave me alone or I’m going to tell your Mom, because we are probably friends!”  Face raper is an entirely appropriate age, especially in comparison! (And far more charming!)  I was approached by a guy, who asked for my number, seemed nice enough, and I admired his confidence, approaching a girl dressed in head to toe neon dancing like a dork.  He texted me today, a banker, we have a coffee date thursday of this week.  How do you like that?  Old school, meeting someone in real life, at a bar!  It will be my 21st date, halfway done the 40 dates!

I was moderately hungover today, but another sunny and warm day, I walked off some bourbon.  4K along the beach, it was beautiful.  Bed early tonight to be ready for a hectic week at work…


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David, the over-thinker

This man would send me a message, e-mail or text, then immediately send another after explaining, it seemed like he was soooo concerned I would be insulted, or would take things the wrong way. I don’t know where to start with this one… I feel bad for him.  Probably not the best way to start a relationship.  He isn’t well.  Had a serious injury and hasn’t worked in a few years.  It has been a long, hard, slow road to recovery, and recently a slip set his recovery back.  He has pain meds, and sleeping meds and meds for his meds, then meds for the side effects, he battles chronic depression, even before the injury, so he has meds for that too.  Eeeeee…  Can’t even go to physiotherapy, too much pain.  He also has a 13 year old daughter, apparently she is currently a handful.  Poor guy has been stuck with his own company for years, no wonder he over thinks everything.  We met at Tim Hortons for a coffee.  It cost me $1.07 for a mocha.  So cheep!  But the edible oil product where whipping cream should have been put me off a bit.  We chatted for an hour, about as long as the poor man can sit.  He is really sweet, had some terrible dating stories, women asking for money, and a couple “schemers”.  It was a nice chat, and not the most terrible way to spend an hour, but I don’t know I am capable to deal with the sheer volume and scope of his problems, nor do I want to.  Does that make me a terrible selfish person?  Ah… dating him because I sympathize or empathize his problems, or feel bad for him, isn’t healthy.  Look who is the over thinker now!!

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