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Well sh*#t…

right now, at this very moment I should be working. I should be paging thru 40 pages of single spaced 8pt writing to do a liquor order. I should be at the gym as I haven’t gone this week. I should be organizing my tax papers, I should be cleaning my space and getting rid of some clothes and stuff. I am not. I am scrolling thru Instagram and Facebook while enjoying a macchiato in the sun. And blogging. I did get up early, made paleo pancakes and bacon, chatted with Caramel latte, had a nap, visited my parents, enjoyed a burger 55 Duck burger (YUM!), replenished my wine rack (some good import picks from wine fest), Bought a new charging cord for my ipad as I seem to have lost 3 of them in the last week, and bought thyroid supplements. I think it (my thyroid) is still broken. I had stopped taking them to get an accurate thyroid blood test, and have been feeling tired, my hair is falling out, and my skin has a different texture. I have also been cold, I’m rarely chilled. No meds and off the paleo is bad for my hormones. And my motivation. But here goes, a walk in the sun, and then some work on a business plan. If you could purchase and eat my clean, grain free baking, and cooking, would you? I’m going to look into it. TGIF

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