The Second day

I had some weird dreams last night about my ex, I bet I could write a whole other blog about relationships and boys. LOL! But I’m not, you people get my undivided blogging attention!

So second day. Fellow 90 day challenger, Texted me, with a suggestion I still eat breakfast, HEALTHY and the use the shakes for lunch and after work, a couple hours before dinner. He also recommended a weekly weigh in.

I live by rice cooker oatmeal in the morning. So after my disturbing dream I got out of bed, and made breakfast. It is super easy! I take 1/2 cup steel cut oatmeal and 1 cup HOT water (if the water isn”t hot the oatmeal gets mushy), Stir it, and set it to cook. By the time you are showered Breakfast is ready! Sometimes I like to add ground up Flax seeds (after cooked), or fresh frozen fruit (before its cooked). Today I used 1/2 cup fresh frozen and pitted cherries, courtesy of my Mother. Thanks MOM!! Usually I add a bit of brown sugar and a splash of milk, but today I divided it into 2 containers and ate it plain, that was enough to get me thru! I don’t know why they don’t make cherry oatmeal, it’s my fave.

I picked up a “milk 2 go” last night, in banana, I put my shake mix in the bottle, and shook it like mad. Properly blended it’s thick and delicious. The milk 2 go has more sugar and calories than regular milk, but it’s super handy! There are 2 servings of milk in each one, and keep that in mind when you look at the stats on the back. So around 11 I had 1 shake (half my milk) and a single serve tuna, not a fan of the crackers so I ate it with the little spoon. My office smells like tuna now, but I’m sure there are worse things! I was far more productive at work, not being hungry, or whatever my problem was yesterday! Around 3 I ate a greek yogurt and the 2nd shake. It seemed to work for me, You are setting yourself up for failure if you deprive yourself of everything, or are hungry all the time. 90 days is, well, 3 months. And a long time to be hungry.

After work I went to good ole canadian tire for a blender. I decided since I only have maybe 3 ft of counter space smaller would be better. Who am I going to impress with a large appliance anyways?? I picked up a magic bullet. Now there is a rich subject matter about the name and inference that I will resist. But you know where this could end up… Single girl, magic bullet…yeah.

Dinner was a Ground Turkey Taco salad, lots of lettuce some avacado, peppers, tomatoes, salsa, cheese and a little no fat yogurt. I used water and epicure pueblo bean dip for seasoning. SOOOOO good!

As promised I rode my bike today, just a half hour before I made dinner. I LOVE my bike. I have a great full suspension mountain bike that I used to ride quite often, The guy who is my neighbor and landlord gave me a trainer for it. Setting up the trainer was an adventure, I needed to change some parts and it wasn’t the easiest thing to lock into place. I had to wedge my ass against the wall and lean into the leaver hoping I wouldn’t slip and bash my face into the cog and chain of my bike. That was with 200 lbs of leverage, what would a skinny girl have done?? Probably not set up a bike trainer in her living room. So I finally get everything on and secure, and I realize…I should have pumped up my tires BEFORE I did all this. I felt like an idiot, but I got it all figured out.

I’ll save the picturesque description of my extremely sexy padded bike shorts for tomorrow. Or maybe I’ll rock another amazing photo… You’ll have to check back!

5 thoughts on “The Second day

  1. monkeysmom2 says:

    that sounds like a great idea! maybe i will switch mine to lunch too! i find it interferes with my coffee… I know I’m sad…

  2. NolaM says:

    You are welcome on the Cherries. I think I may have MORE…Not all of it went into the Jam pot. Soooo I have more just Apples Applesauce you know. I did hold out on Caleb and Gavin a bit…just so you know. Yeah, 1 week weighs are best and don’t count Hell-week. My sister was telling me that these really work for her. No more hip, knee, foot pain.
    Supposed to tighten your core, butt, legs… She bought hers at Winners.

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